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I am a Christ-follower first and foremost. My life is a testament to his Love and Grace. 
I am a Musician, it is my lifeline to God in an empathetic world. It is the passion that drives my soul.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Full of Thanks....... and food!

So Thanksgiving this year came with a lot of food, a lot of fun, and a lot of thinking, Thinking about how blessed and how amazing my life is.  As i was sitting in my hot tub after a long day of snowboarding, i thought to myself "lets make a list of things i'm thankful for" so here it is, my list of thankfulness.

 I Am Thankful For:
  • Great Parents
  • Awesome Siblings that i can look up to
  • A roof above my head
  • Plenty of Food :)
  • Music
  • Amazing Friends
  • A church that has been my home for the better part of my life, 4C's
This is just what i can think of off the top of my head, but I can't even begin to explain how blessed my life is. I am thankful for everyone and everything in my life

Monday, November 16, 2009

(insert emoticon here)

So today i was talking with a friend that i usually don't have serious talks with, and during that talk i realized something. You need emotions. This person is someone who usually doesn't show that many emotions, and seeing emotion from that person was the coolest thing ever. It really made me realize the importance of emotions. You actually have to give in to your emotions to realize that you are lonely, sad, happy etc. Apathy is the lack of emotion, and that in turn will eat away at your innermost being. Think of life as a roller coaster. Why would you ride a roller coaster that goes straight in a line when there is one right next to it that will take you on a crazy up and down thrill ride. It takes a personal choice. Don't try and hide your emotions like i have done for so long. Every human being has emotions, give in to them, but don't let them control you. Take joy in the great things in life. "Stop and smell the roses" sounds so cliché, but it is so true. take some time to just sit down, relax, and realize how great life is!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Car Wrecks.

So my friends were in a car accident this evening. I don't know much about what happened, but it definitely stirred up some emotions.

First of all, I was scared to death when i heard about it. Car accidents are never a good thing, but when you hear that two of your friends were in it, it gets even worse. Even worse is when you hear that its an accident that totaled cars. Not just something little, but something major. Thank God that they were okay, but it scared me nonetheless.

I began to re-think life. Life is extremely short. It can end in the blink of an eye. One wrong move, or one wrong decision can end with catastrophic consequences. This happens even more so when someone is put into a vehicle.

Life is too short to hold grudges. Ephesians 4:27 says "do not let the sun go down on your anger"
Tonight I read this verse and thought a lot about it. You should never hold grudges because you never know how long life is going to last. You could get in a fight with your best friend, say that you hate them and storm off, the next minute they could be in a fatal car accident and you will never be able to take back those words.

My brain is so jacked up right now, there is no chance i'm getting any sleep tonight. So long Blogger World/\

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hope in the future.

My brain is pretty scattered right now, sorry for that, but i thought i would just write a little blog of encouragement.

So tonight at Fusion, we had a little obstacle course that we had some of the students go through blindfolded. The purpose of this was to drive home Luke 6:39 "He also told them this parable: "Can a blind man lead a blind man? Will they not both fall into a pit?" My favorite part of the entire night was seeing one young man lead another young man through the obstacle course. The one that was blindfolded was pretty scared, and didn't know where he was, but the boys that were watching began to encourage him so much. Seeing these students encourage one another is one of the greatest things i've ever seen. Some people say that "our" generation is going downhill fast, but i would say that it is the opposite. Its crazy to see middle schoolers be so crazy and wild at one point, and then be so encouraging, and deep at another point. I have hope for the future. I am proud to say that i hang out with middle schoolers every week, because they have so much to teach me, and i am fully willing to learn from them.