Thursday, August 5, 2010


Tonight at band practice, i realized something. After playing guitar for so long, things sound different.
Here's the story. I got to church, got all my stuff setup, and i couldn't get a sound dialed in that actually pleased me. Everything was just sounds crappy to me. This has been a common issue for me and my current guitar setup, seeing as i'm running all amp models. So basically, i am playing guitar through a pedal that makes a "fake" sound, and then it goes into an amp that creates yet another "fake" sound. All of this makes me notice how crappy my guitar sounds. Anyway........ i'm super frustrated, but everyone else that was listening to the practice, said that it sounded good. Which makes me realize that i am super critical of the way my guitar playing sounds. Which means that i am now on an adventure to buy a new amp. Funziez....... more money that i need to find and spend.....

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