Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pizza Hunt with a side of Jesus!

So tonight at fusion, we did a pizza scavenger hunt. Basically, the middle schoolers went out into the neighborhoods and gathered toppings for their pizza, which would then be cooked back at the church. My group was pretty fun, two guys and two girls. About 20 minutes into our "scavenger hunt" a man opens the door, and asks "i'm not a christian. before i give you pizza toppings i want you to tell me how i can be saved." My four kids then begin to tell him about the fact that Jesus became human to die on the cross to forgive us of our sins. They also said that going to church, following rules, and being good wont save you. Only knowing that Jesus Christ died to forgive you of your sins will truly save you. Only after accepting this truth, will your life begin to change.
So i'm standing back with a massive stupid grin on my face the whole time, because i know who this man is. Greg Stier, the mastermind behind Dare2Share http://www.dare2share.org/ Just asked my students to evangelize to him. SO AWESOME! 
That's really all i've got right now. God is great, and He always shows up in ways you weren't expecting

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  1. wow! That is really amazing! Thank you for sharing. That's a really neat story!