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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Great Waiting

I have never been good at waiting, but the last three years have been totally centered around waiting. Wait wait wait. First it was waiting for a new youth pastor to come along, and now it's waiting to get out of arvada. i dont like waiting. While i'm waiting, all i can think about is how much better life could be if i was just somewhere else. All my life i've been told that that statement is deadly, and not true, but i disagree. My life could be much better if i were somewhere else. I'm not saying my life is bad, i have a great life, but it could still be better. Look 6 months in the future: I could actually have friends again. that would be great. I could have a church that cares about me. That would be fantastic.

I can't wait to start my life. To get away from home, experience life. Get out of this dull, stagnant life that i seem to be living lately.

I guess there's nothing i can do now, except more waiting. Keep waiting for things to get better. For life to get exciting again.

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