Friday, January 7, 2011

Worship, and comfort. ramble ramble ramble

Recently, i have figured out that Musical Worship cannot be attained without comfort. Thus the need for Youth Groups, and thus the growth of the Youth Christian Culture. I went to church with mommy and daddy for a long time. I sat with them in church and "worshipped" But it wasn't real. because i wasn't comfortable. It wasn't until i found out that others like me were worshipping that it became real. A different room, a different feel. I cannot fully be myself around adults. they dont get me. Therefore, i cannot fully Voice my Worship through song while there are adults leading the service. When a band of 40-50 year olds, plays worship music, it usually turns out good, don't get me wrong. And i also love to play music with older people, but i cannot fully be myself around them. I cannot fully sing to my God when there are adults leading. I need comfort. I need the comfort of others like me, around me, in front of me, Worshiping.

Contemporary Worship Services will never work in my opinion. An 80 year old grandpa simply does not connect with God in the same way that a 16 year old boy does. They both can, but in different ways. and different things scare people.
For example: If i were to Worship the way i do at a college church, in a morning service at some other church, most people would be offended. I need Loud, Intense, Emotional worship. While others need calm, soothing, worship. Neither one is right, or wrong, just different.

Let's just say, I like my worship with lots of guitar, while other churches refuse the Mic the guitar, because that would make it too loud. Neither one is right or wrong, just different. Meaning that Both cannot survive in the same element.

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